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First of all… Belated Merry Christmas! HAPPY NEW YEAR and WELCOME 2015!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! And greetings for all the holidays I missed during my almost seven months absence here in WordPress”,)

Now that greetings are done and over with let me tell you the reason for my sudden disappearance (I hope I was slightly missed if not then sorry but I am back boo!). The thing is I discovered this great site called Wattpad. I believe most of you have heard or known the site longer than I have but for those who don’t know Wattpad is a community where authors (discovered or not, published or otherwise) are able to post their works (stories, fan fiction, poems and etc.) and readers have unlimited access to their works. Users are able to comment, like or vote on chapters of their favorite stories and put them on a library for future viewing.

It’s an awesome site especially for people who like to read and write. Of course if you’re particular about grammar and stuff like that then you might be a bit put off and think you’re better off buying a book. But if you’re willing to submerge yourself to the experience and forget about the little details such as spellings and just focus on the plot then I think this site would be a little piece of heaven especially if you’re like me who just loves a good story and don’t care how it’s written or by whom. It’s quite addictive actually and a good confidence and morale booster for authors who aims to write professionally.

I’ve always been a bit skeptic when it comes to the stories I write. Aside from the articles I compose and share on this blog I haven’t published squat. I probably submitted one manuscript and after that first rejection I have always been afraid to try again. I always thought that if one person cares enough to read something that I wrote from beginning to end then I’d be more than content. But that mentality vanished or more like shifted and transformed when I started writing and sharing my stories on Wattpad.

It’s a bit surreal when you get the first thousand views, when people start to comment and send you messages on how much they liked your story and to keep up the good work. I never thought I was missing that kind of connection or even realized I needed it until I had it. Writing became more fun because now I’m not just writing to amuse myself but to amuse others as well.

I’d probably dive more into my ‘Wattpad’ experience on later posts but for now I think I’ve more than explained the reason for my absence. Let me just point out that I created a new page ‘Watty Stories’ where I posted links to my works on Wattpad so if you have time please browse and read through.

Anyhow, that’s it for me today. Until next time…



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